The Marketplace at Silver Creek Center

Commercial And Residential Mixed Use Development

Promontory Ranch Road, Park City UT 84098 | Vacant Land | Promontory Area | 152,000 Sq. Ft.

This proposed development includes an organic grocer, restaurants, neighborhood shopping opportunities and live/work business space which is located at the roundabout intersection of Silver Creek Drive and Old Highway 40 in Park City.

The Marketplace at Silver Creek Center will serve a local hub for visitors and residents to gather, eat and relax as an alternative to nearby Park City. The planned new supermarket will allow residents and nearby communities to shop for groceries closer to home reducing travel by residents for their basic commodities.

With a beautiful entrance to the business park, a sense of arrival will be bestowed to the collection of retail, services and restaurants that offer a friendly and attractive gathering point for residents and visitors alike. Underground parking provides secure and weatherproof visitation in summer and winter while keeping the visual impact of traffic and vehicles to a minimum. A convenient pedestrian way will connect the south and north sections of The Marketplace at Silver Creek Center.

The addition of residential housing at Silver Creek will offer attractive homes with a mountain aesthetic, as well affordable housing making the area attractive to a diverse population.

Recreationalists enjoying the Round Valley Open Space will also benefit from the addition of close-by services and businesses in close proximity to their activities. Local manufacturing and associated business will also take advantage of the developments services for employees and customers.

Still great care and planning for the development has met density and traffic considerations while maintaining the natural surrounding environment. The Marketplace at Silver Creek Center has been carefully planned to enhance the natural landscape with pocket parks, trails and paths, wildlife viewing areas, and enhanced streetscapes all the while preserving waterways and the native flora that makes the location so attractive today.

This land is ready for immediate development and only awaits the right party to make this new community asset to take it’s place among Summit County’s attractive destinations.

Primary Features

  • Listing Price:
  • Est. Monthly Payment:
  • Status:
  • Square Feet:
  • County:
  • Property Type:
  • Usage
  • $11,000,000
  • $42,945.73
  • Active
  • 152,000
  • Summit
  • Vacant Land
  • Mixed: Commercial and Residential

Additional Features

  • Parcel Acres
  • Total Buildings
  • Residential Units
  • Parking Places
  • 210
  • 376,750 sq. ft.
  • 106
  • 1,115
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