The Marketplace at Silver Creek Center Applies For Mixed Use Retail/Housing Approval

Marketplace at Silver Creek Center LLC has formally applied for development approval to the Summit County Planning Department for a 208,000 square foot retail shopping/services complex and 148 condominiums. The Conditional Use Permit will seek to entitle a 60,000 square foot building to house multiple anchor type uses. The development will seek to increase its height allowances via the acceptance of Transfer Density housing units ( TDR’s ) currently owned by Summit County. The project will incorporate all work force housing units on site and will also have approximately one third of its housing as market housing and as a live/work housing element.

The project represents years of visioning for the high profile site located at the Silver Summit roundabout, intersecting Silver Creek Drive and Old Highway 40. Summit County is contracted to purchase the adjacent 498-acre Gilmore Foundation property for municipal and civic buildings. In addition there will be an affordable housing element on county land.

Henry Sigg of Marketplace at Silver Creek LLC said, “The timing is perfect for Marketplace Commons to come before Summit County Planning Department.” He went on to add, “Summit County intends to have multiple visioning sessions open to public input regarding the property acquisition. All of which, will help bring an element of comprehensive planning to the two properties.”

In recent years, Summit County Planners have viewed the Silver Summit area as an area where retail commercial development will mitigate traffic issues associated with Kimball Junction. Silver Summit will eventually grow into one of the most densely populated areas in the basin, and there will be an acute need for many of services offered by Marketplace Commons.

The developers are proposing a boutique grocery store, brew pub, micro hotel and retail complete complex presenting a beautiful street scape along Silver Creek Drive. A new roundabout is projected for the Promontory access road on the north side of Silver Creek Drive. An enclosed parking garage will provide up to 500 spaces for public parking. The development will host an entertainment venue featuring an amphitheater and observation tower overlooking the new county preserve.

Marketplace at Silver Creek Center LLC are expecting the entitlement process to take up to two years and to be concurrent with the General Plan visioning and review period leading into the year 2020.

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